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Paula Hawthorne

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The time is up. All the entries are in, and the draw has been made. Now, I am contacting the winners so check your inbox.


The result will be announced publicly tomorrow in the newsletter.




Now that the stress is over, what did you think of this activity? Was it worth your time (and frustration)? Any suggestion for future Treasure Hunts?

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What I appreciated most of all was the support from everyone else. The don't give up flew around your ears. Maybe you don't write it like that.? I was 'lightly' stressed cause I didn't know how my weekend would be. So I did everything on Friday. It has taken a lot of my pleasure away. but in the end, I was full of joy when I had them all. It felt like a real victory. And now the hunt for the tutorials has begun. I've found so much interesting. Cause of that no time at the moment on the calendar.  For the future? Yes, you can do it one more time. We know now the 'know-how'.  But other tutorials of course.
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Even though it felt a bit pressured sometimes (b/c I couldn't find some pieces for so long), it was a clever and fun way to get us to "tour" the whole site. But I imagine it was a lot of work for you, Carole. Thanks for hints and clues and cheering us along the way. I was also really glad when I got the last piece and put it together.
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At first I had the normal, "I cant do this" thoughts.  then I just started poking around and found some, and that made me want to keep going.  I also had to look at the clues from not from a narrow focus point of view. I had to broaden what subject was.  eg.  Photoshop brushes I was looking only for "PS brushes" when in fact I needed think more in terms of what is a brush...it's a file "type", that led me to "types of files".  That helped me to realize I was being restricted by my own bias of how I read the clues.  so I started using the search function using different words/phrases and also just going way down in the blog or other areas.  that's where I found the pieces.  I cant think of any other way you could get us members to look in those areas.  Just telling us to, isn't going to necessarily get us to do it.  So, if it was a bit painful, the outcome was very satisfying (learning about new things and completing the puzzle).  I will start looking to older blogs (before I joined) as there is a wealth of information; lots that are tutorial and tool based that non-Diamond members could really take advantage of.
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Gramie, I am surprised that it is giving you a Forbidden message. I have no clue why as others seemed to have been able to find them. But you have a good question about where were the pieces so here are the clues AND the pages where the pieces were (they are still there, as I have not removed them yet):


1-Where can I purchase a copy of the book Tips and Tricks for PaintShop Pro?



2-Where do I save all those files I downloaded for PaintShop Pro?



3-Can you put my head on Madonna's body?



4-I want to watch one master class for free. Where can I do that?



5-Can I use Photoshop brushes (.abr) in Paintshop Pro?



6-How can the guides help me? And where do I find them?



7-What do you know about Cassel and how she started using PaintShop Pro?



8-Where can I get free supplies for my projects?



9-How do I get the old Material Properties window in my new PaintShop Pro?



10-Turn me into a silhouette and you won't see me blush.



11-My eyes are getting old. How can I adjust my workspace to see better?



12-How can I turn my neighbour into a witch?



13-Where can I get the supplies to make my own "digital sandwich"?



14-I am frozen in front of a blank canvas. Can I generate my own challenge?



15-What is the next event in the Calendar?



16-What do people say about the Campus and the membership?


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