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Which languages do you speak?


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As we are from all over the world, sometimes, I might need to help someone does not speak French or English very well. If that is the case, it is very challenging. I would love to know what language(s) you know, aside from French and English, you could help in.


As an example, right now, I am in contact with a gentleman who only speaks Polish, and it is really hard trying to help him. Anyone here is comfortable enough in Polish?


Let me know other languages you could help with, if the need arises.

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Dutch, install always dutch and english versions.  User since jasc versions. Still have the jubilee version (7)  on cd with animation shop and 2 cd's with extras.


There is also a dutch fb group with links to sites with dutch lessons.   And contains more info a.o. the picture tubes library :-)   Helpfull members too.


Name is  Paintshop Pro - NLD.

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