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    All projects not included in workshops, etc.
  4. Font : Dialova, at Creative Fabrica Translation of 'Gefeliciteerd ' is Congratulations
  5. Ribbon made with cass-RibbonFactory script, it saves you a lot of time and is fun to play with. You can choose the colors from your photo or project. Here I have chosen a color from the flowers. Background : A gradient made of colors from the photo. Font : Freestyle Script. Photo is a free desktop wallpaper
  6. My California daughter, Debbie Lennox, took this great Golden Chanterelle mushroom photo and handed me material for the Gold Challenge. The layout is a template called cass-SimpleArtsy01, the background paper is ps_marisa-lerin_11183_stars-04-paper-yellow-pink_cu, the second background is an enlargement of the photo with layer effect Luminance and then I reduced the opacity to 51%. The journaling font is Copperplate Gothic.
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  8. Humming bird template : Christina Carrano at digitalscrapbook.com/forums/digital-scrapbooking/freebies/freebies-pu-cu-christinac fill of the circle: paper that I once made myself with a tutorial in de scrapbook campus : Variegated Paper The original color whas yellow en greenish but I colored it to mach it with the colors of the card. Ribbon is a template of Marisa Lerin on digitalscrapbook.com and I colored it with the 'change to target' tool. Font : The Glester, downloaded in a freebie bundle at creative fabrica.
  9. Card Workshop Card 7 I used the supplies offered (lace and font). Envelope not shown, I measured badly and will have to do it again.
  10. Greeting Card Workshop Card 1 5x7
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