Create unique scrapbook pages to remember and share the fun times


Capture and share those special moments.

I just love having access to all the tutorials in the Campus. If I can’t work out how to do something with PaintShop Pro, my first stop is the Campus to see if there is a tutorial on it. I find the Tutorials very easy to follow and I do know that help is only an email away if I have any problem or a question to ask.
– Christine Angell

Your photos deserve to be shown

  1. Fix them
  2. Improve them
  3. Turn them into something completely new

We have classes for that.

Document and share your stories

  1. Create montages and scrapbook pages
  2. Express your creativity
  3. Remember those special moments

We are there to guide you.

As a DIAMOND member, I have learned so much from the different tutorials offered. It does not matter what version of PSP you work with you can always find your way around or ask for info on your particular version. The DIAMOND membership is an excellent resource to make my experience with PSP Scrapbooking more beneficial and rewarding. 
– Royanne Hewko

Get inspired to start

We can give you step-by-step instructions to get started with video tutorials.

Get a lot of ideas from the other members in the community.

Learn to create fancy and intricate effects for your photos.

Get more comfortable using PaintShop Pro

Yes, that is all possible! 

I’ve owned PSP since its early days, but never did much more than crop or resize photos for websites. The forums and Facebook groups have been great sources of inspiration as well as resources for troubleshooting and tips. I am constantly learning new things on The Campus.
Gerry Landreth

Save time and money...

  • No need to take over the dining room table: work where your computer is
  • No storage shelves to keep your supplies; everything fits in your computer
  • No mess to clean up; everything is digital
  • No trip is needed to shop for more supplies; you can modify existing supplies or create your own
  • No staring at a blank canvas; we have plenty of ideas to spark your own creativity
  • No time wasted finding tutorials online; we have everything in one place

Being a member of this wonderful, supportive, positive, inspiring community has given me the opportunity to learn scrapbooking, new techniques, challenge me, develop my creativity and last but by no means least make many new friends around the world. All this because Carole is has created this great, safe environment and as always: “HAVE FUN”.
Corrie Kinkel

Our DIAMOND membership is for you

Joining the DIAMOND membership allows you to start IMMEDIATELY.

 *** No delay *** No waiting ***

The vault includes hundreds of tutorials and classes, that you can watch whenever you want, in any order you want. Pick the class you want now. Follow the tutorial for the project you want to create today.

You get them ALL. 

I was SO excited at all the TUTORIALS I had been searching the internet for, for years and years! I browsed for a couple days and then just knew I had to be a Diamond Member so I could have access to as much information as possible. Oh, I was in 7th HEAVEN!
 Paige Hamblin

Are you still unsure?

Try the DIAMOND membership for a whole week, for only $1
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You will have 7 full days to…

  • watch as many Master Classes as you want
  • browse through the visual index or all the individual elements available
  • watch as many elements and effects tutorials as you want
  • download written instructions and videos


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With your membership, you get INSTANT access to…

400+ Video Tutorials to create elements, designs and effects

120+ Full-length Master Classes on scrapbooking, photo editing and PaintShop Pro

60+ Layered Templates to get your started on your next project

250+ Inspiration Ideas to help you think outside the box

Forum access with games and challenges

Email support if you ever get stuck

If you are not satisfied with the course in the first 30 days, for WHATEVER reason, just email us and you will get a FULL REFUND

My name is Carole and when I started using PaintShop Pro, I was like you: a bit overwhelmed by the program and only able to use the basic tools available.

However, over the last 15 years, I have developed an expertise in using the program to create anything you need to complete simple or elaborate scrapbook pages to showcase your photos and stories.

As a featured expert on the Corel site (makers of the PaintShop Pro program), I have created tools, elements, and tutorials that are available on their site.

I have also helped hundreds of PaintShop Pro users and scrapbooking students, in live classes and online, to create unique layouts they were proud to display and share.

Carole Cassel instructor for scrapbooking with PaintShop Pro
Partner with Corel
PaintShop Professional
Featured in Discovery Center