Basic Scrap – lessons

The lessons are grouped in
units, and each unit ends with a suggested "homework". The assignments are
definitely not mandatory, but remember that using tools and techniques requires
Using PaintShop Pro is no
different. The more often you use the tools and techniques, the easier they will

If you want to work on a
single project, you can start directly from the first unit. Gather your photos
and some digital supplies and you will be good to go. You have the possibility
to go through the whole course while working on one single project or create
layouts randomly, as the inspiration hits. Although the first pages would be
pretty basic, you can always come back to them later, as you learn to use new
tools, and add to them.


Because the lessons are organized along a progression, it is strongly recommended that you view them in order, but again, if you want to
focus particularly on one tool, you surely can watch only the videos of the
Simply click
on the Unit links to view the tutorials. All the videos and pdf handouts will be
accessible on the same page


Unit 1 - Layers


Basic Manipulations
Basic shadows



Unit 2 - Alphas and Fasteners

Altered shadows


Unit 3 - Selection & Color Tools

Selection tools
Color tools
Create a sticker


Unit 4 - Brushes


Painting with brushes
Stamping with brushes

Creative use of the brush


Unit 5 - Fonts and Text Tool

Text tool
Text on path

Creative ways to use the Text tool




Unit 6 - Paper, Ribbon & Shadow Tricks

Paper tricks
Ribbon tricks

Shadow tricks


Unit 7 - Cool Color Effects

Color effects
Color tricks


Unit 8 - Photo & Selection Tricks

Extraction and Out of bound
Selective focus
Using blur


Unit 9 - Some Odds and Ends

Other 3D effects
Photo filled title



Unit 10 - Artistic Tools & Effects

Adjustment tools
Various effects
User Defined Filter


Unit 11 - Perspective & Cast Shadows

Correcting perspective
Creating perspective
Cast shadows


Unit 12 - Specific Tools of Paintshop

Using tubes
Using scripts
Recording scripts



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