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    Annie Tobin
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    Hi Lynda. I have found that none of the versions of PSP work for plugins in the 64 bit operating system so I always use the 32 bit versions. Plus, I always have X7 and 2021 open at the same time because 2021 has a bad habit of crashing especially if I am using the magic wand and also the selection tool when I am wanting to expand, contract or feather. For that reason 2021 is not my favourite version. I am fortunate that I do save, save, save because I am then able to open the project in X7 and the magic happens. Unfortunately for me 2021 has been a waste of funds … that’s the way of it though! I have sent you a private message with some links as they do not want to post here … 4 failures, lol! ;D

    Sheila Hogg
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    Hi Ann, reading your reply to Lynda ,  I to find 2021 crashs at everything it doesn’t like, especially plugins and even with help and a hot fix, did nothing to resolve the problems. In the end I just uninstalled 2021 and put the disc back in the box and consigned it to a cupboard and will just use 2020 as I know that works OK. I have 2019 as an alternative. Should have used the money in Carole’s store instead.


Viewing 2 posts - 61 through 62 (of 62 total)
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