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    I downloaded the new X9 30 day trial.  I must say the gradient tool is  pretty cool. For those who are going to up grade from their much older versions they will get a good deal as you said.  I already have X8, so I think I shall  wait until X10 comes out, and see what they come up with.  It’s hard to constantly come up with  new tools and compete with the likes of  the text cutter and text wrap in the previous 2 versions. I suppose the only criticism  I would have with PSP, is that I would sooner see them do a proper upgrade, than have to download  a brand new program each time and  transfer everything  over and customize it to the way I want it.  They even tweaked  the eraser tools, which I use rather a lot. I edit a lot of photos, and  to be honest I don’t think they can improve to  much in that department. But who knows. The price isn’t an issue, as I feel for what I’m getting it’s  money well worth spent, especially when you see what other similar programs cost,  with their complex way of  finding your way around them can be quite daunting. Plus I’ve always had excellent service when I’ve encountered an issue with PSP which has been rare over the years, I hasten to add.

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    Thanks Sue for your honest opinion. I have to say that even if create a super duper upgrade, you will still have to reinstall your workspace and settings and such as upgrades do reset everything. Even with the patch that came out 2 days after the release, last week. I had forgotten about that and of course, i had to reset everything.

    If you have any suggestions or wishes for the next version of PSP, you can always post them here or in the Corel user-to-user forum HERE.

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