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    Carol Anne Wall
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    I wanted to start a thread to ask questions about Photoshop (PS) terms and their PaintShop Pro (PSP) equivalents.

    For example, someone was talking about adding a white stroke around their photographs in PS.  It took me a couple of days, but I figured out that’s Adding a Border in PSP.  And I can do way more than adding a white border in that function.

    So here’s my question to start things out:  what is the equivalent of a PS clipping mask in PSP?  With a clipping mask you can place a paper on top of the clipping mask, and it crops the paper to the the mask.  Is that the same thing in PSP as placing the paper on the layer above an item in a template, selecting the template item, then changing layers, and pressing delete on the paper layer to make the paper the same size as the template item?  Or is there a PSP function that I am missing that is the equivalent?


    Carol Anne

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    Hi Carol Anne, welcome to the Campus!

    The clipping mask is something that does not exist in PSP natively, however having seen the clipping mask in action i wanted this to also be available to PSP users, so i created a set of scripts that will do something similar. It is called Clip to it and you can find it here:
    This script will add the element shape as a mask so you can see what you get with the paper. I also have a bundle with this script and another one that will merge the group and retain the filename of the paper you used (if you want). You can find this bundle here:
    Maybe one of those would meet your needs?
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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