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      Hi I am cindy, I seen somethings and bought 2020 ultimate psp, I don’t know anything about it and went looking and

      was lucky and found our Teacher. Been learning slowly I have some learning problems, I’ve had to deal with since first sent to

      school. My boyfriend wasn’t the first one that told me to shut up, that no one can tell unless I speak. Some words I cant say

      problems reading but was in special classes in the 60s kids made fun of the retards, special aide classes. If your my age 64

      I am sure you know if you went to public school. Anyways, I tried hard to stay on track and follow Casels classes. Loved it

      But couldn’t do things and found other ways to make it look like I thought what she said to do. And then keep going over and over

      till i did it her way The right way the quick an easy way no the hours long ways I did it. So long story short now

      I joined the lab, because I could not start at 1 there’s no one, and not 5 that had me jacked up Bad. But got in 10=2 and

      was scared its all greek, and my numbers are off big roadblocks for my brain. I have ocd and other things well all of that

      learning stuff normal kids do eay 🙁 But I told Cassel, she said to hang in there and I could do it, the next day put in hours

      and still got nothing, couldn’t do anything but pace around and be upset. Sent Cassel a few emails, She was so clam and

      nice saying things a good teacher would say. Finally next day I was just lost upset nd done. But then I realized why is

      she thinking still I can do this. Then my brain said its because she a teacher. A good teacher is how she is, Ive only’

      had a few, mostly they give up, oh darn said i’d make this short. Ok I did something from the lesson about the street

      only took me 5 hours and tons of mistakes but I made a tube. I went online found a picture and made a tube and stuck it all over a pretty paper i got from my teacher. Cassel is Awesome, hows she get so much Patience? I am so proud of me

      tomorrow I ill try to do anything thing in my lab. OMG thank you Cassel I just wanted out I never thought I could do

      a lesson so high intermediate I Am a beginner but so I am so happy herse my tube. thank you Cassel

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