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      What are you doing this week?

      Have you ever been to a “cat cafe”? Does that exist in your area^

      Let’s chat.

      Chris Schults
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        Cat cafe ? Never heard of that.

        But I read your other post and looks a right thing to relax and also choosing a cat to bring home with you.

        cindy harris
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          I am a newly cat admirer   I am a dog person but Now Understand likeing a cat 🙂    I never have been to a Cat Cafe but made one in my game on fb yoworld  I am cinder in the picture and this is my Cat Cafe 🙂

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            I’ve heard of them, but never been there 🙂

            Rene Marker
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              Never been to one and never will.  I am not a cat lover. In my 67 years of life, there has only been one cat that I’ve liked. I lived with my cousin and his wife when I was in college and before they had kids. They had a cat (Opie) and a Doberman (Eric). Both loved to cuddle but Eric was too big for my liking (small dog lover here) so Opie was allowed to cuddle with me. Eric would lay nearby.

              Bonnie Ballentine
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                Sounds like a place I would love! There are several around here…now to find the time…

                Ann Seeber
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                  I don’t think there are any nearby but if there were, I would visit. I read that the Cat Cafes were quite successful at getting the cats adopted and that’s always a good thing. I am a cat person who has been saddled with my family’s dogs all my life. The last dogs we had were giant Irish Wolfhounds that my husband wanted but they were way too big for me! Now I am supremely content with just my two cats and one tropical fish.

                  Susan Ewart
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                    I went to one In Edmonton (Alberta, CAN) this summer.  I loved it.  And it was kitten time!  There was a coffe shop on one side (very small) where you pay to go into the rooms with the cats and you get free drinks the whole time you are there.  I have two cats now (6 in total), but grew up with small dogs.  I am a big dog lover, I love to rough-house with them.  Actually I am an animal lover.  When my hubby and I moved out we worked long hours and had a long commute so we got a farm cat from the farm we worked at.  The only cat that we had from a kitten stage.  The rest were young adults from rescue centres.  We both worked at several horse breeding farms over the years, hubby was a stallion handler for breeder.  I worked mostly with mom’s and babes.   If I had to pick dog or cat, I think I’d be little more a cat person, they have such personalities (and judgy attitudes ?), but they can be self sufficient too.

                    Cindy, I love your cat-cafe, it’s pretty close to the one I was at.

                    Corrie Kinkel
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                      I have never been to one, but I know Breda the city close to where I live has one. I have seen some pictures of it in the paper and the internet.

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