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    Angelina Canez
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    Here is my finished product. I used purchased PNG files. I wanted the chest so the little mermaids would look like they are sitting on it and I liked the seagull. The seagull on the lower right already had a shadow. So I tried to make the over head seagull appear to have the same shadow. I covered the other treasures that washed up on shore with a spattering of sand.

    I made their mermaid outfits in 2013 their not into mermaid any more. 🙁

    Please critique my scrapbook page.

    Rookie, Angie Canez

    PS I realize the photo is a bit blurry, next challenge. Photo editing

    Annette Rhodes
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    Hi Angelina, I just want to tell you that your page is lovely (as are your girls) and very imaginative.  If you think you’re a “Rookie” now,  I can’t wait to see your work with more time and experience.

    Sincerely, Annette,  A fellow scrapper

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    If I had to offer some suggestions, it would be about layering. I think the treasure chest would look more realistic if it were in front of the girls, even if it does not cover much. It is at the correct “height” but should show in front. If you still have the project in layered version, it would be easy to just rearrange the layers. Try it and see the difference.

    Angelina Canez
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    Thank you Cassel for the critique.

    It does look better with the treasure chest in front and it is a more realistic size.

    I sat the girls on big rock, another item was able to turn into a PNG file.

    Thanks again, Angie

    Angelina Canez
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    Thank you Annette for the encouragement.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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