Module 3

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    Cyndi Roether
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      I think I understood all of this project.  I am not real sure about the shadow on the fern leaf and it looks like some elements, especially the cluster kind of got squished when I resized to 600 pixels.  Otherwise I think it looks pretty nice.  In looking at it after I clicked submit, I am not sure there is a shadow on the journaling.  I will need to check it.

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        Cyndi, your fern shadow is quite good. What it needs is to be a little more toward the right (since the light comes from the left), and you can probably add some blur to it. On the bottom part, it goes upward, which does not match. That is when you rotated the shadow. It is ok. Just move it back under the fern that would likely be flush on the paper.

        Mary Solaas
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          I finally finished module 3.  Really had a lot to learn with this one.  I see where the presets are for the 3d drop shadows.  I had a hard time finding the text tools such as kerning, leading, etc., but I finally found them and used them in the project.  I used elements from several different kits and couldn’t find a paint splatter that I felt I could use, but I instead used that wonderful star tube (had to relearn that you need to have a new raster layer on top of where you want the tube to go before you employ the tube).  Played around with colors and color replacement and the transparency tool.  Had a lot of fun but it took me a lot longer this time (did 2 but really didn’t like the other one).  So here is my result for Project 3.

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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