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Covid-19 – Are you affected?

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    This recent virus has now reached the whole world, affecting many countries in different ways. It has caused health issues for some, isolation/quarantine for others, loss or major change in work and life habits, and more.

    Have you been affected by this virus and various measures that were put in place in your area or country?

    Let’s share and see how we are all in this together.

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    As of 3pm today, our province has determined that all non-essential government services are to be suspended. We were sent home with no work, however, we have to stay available in case they need us among the essential services. We were instructed to isolate ourselves except for essential errands (groceries and medical appointments) in order to prevent general contact with others. We are not quarantined but are asked to stay in our houses/properties.

    All colleges, schools, and daycares are closed. All “recreational” buildings (libraries, pools, arcades, sports center, etc.) are closed.

    How about you?

    Bonnie Ballentine
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    Schools, churches, community centers, gyms are closed. We are being asked to distance ourselves from others…essential errands/trips only. Many are working from home. Many restaurants are serving drive through only…no dining room. My bball tournament/trip was canceled; the play I planned to attend was cancelled; my pickleball clinic/trip was cancelled. So….I am cleaning house, preparing taxes and trying to find a moment to scrap.

    I am extremely grateful for my health and fitness level. My age puts me at risk but otherwise no problems…and I minimize the risk because of age. I did not panic buy and am staying home even tho I really don’t want to.

    Everyone be cautious; stay well; and scrap, scrap, scrap.

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    Hi Carol.

    Idem en France aujourd’hui depuis midi heure locale. Si nous devons sortir pour des courses et*ou rendez-vous chez le médecin ou en pharmacie, nous devons le préciser auprès de la police.

    Lynn Young
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    I am a full-time caregiver to my housemate so I am never away from work 7 days/24 hr on-call job. I only see my daughter when she takes us to Dr. appts, and while out for those we grab anything needed to avoid any excess trips or exposure. My sister is 2 hours away across a state line and prayers for her please, she is a nurse for 45+ years now and works in the birthing center.

    I had Dr office visit for labs and they were screening every patient as they came in. Drive-through only fast food and pharmacy, or delivery, but grocery will remain open. All schools, public gathering places are shut down for 4 weeks, maybe longer. The Air Force base is locked down. We have 4 confirmed cases in our city/county.

    Shopping took 3 long days (instead of 1 afternoon), still had all the household duties, and putting up the extra supplies. Just totally worn out physically and emotionally.

    Diana Craft
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    Hello everyone,
    I’m so sorry for those of you that have had your lives turned wrong-side up, I miss the usual buzz of activity around here and hate knowing so many are experiencing stress. Although, being 77 puts me in the vunerable age category, being isolated at home is pretty normal for me. I no longer drive and today my Dr.’s appointment was postponed for three weeks, so in that way I think I am low risk, except for worrying about my husband who must still go out and about doing the shopping and making
    a living for us, my stress is less than many. 

    I never sleep more than 2 to 4 hours a night so I’m up most of the time, for not getting much sleep
    I usually feel pretty good, but every once and a while it catches up with me and I crash.  This afternoon was one of those times when I just felt terrible and had to lay down. Usually a couple of hours nap leaves me feeling better.  This afternoon was different however, because of this terrible Covid 19 scare my husband was panicking and wanted to rush me to the hospital and they have enough to do with actual sick people. I’m afraid many are going to panic as the possibility of losing someone they love becomes reality. Fortunately, when I woke I felt fine and was able to reassure him, he panics more easily than I as I am a bit of a stoic.

    My greatest hope is that this hideous virus passes thru quickly, touching as few lives as possible,
    it’s a wake-up call for all of us, reminding us of the things that are truly important in our lives and especially treasure those that we are fortunate to love and be loved by.  Be safe! Thank goodness we have scrap-booking and this PSP group to keep our minds from dwelling on the possibilities. Be Calm and stay safe.
    Diana aka PandorasHatBox

    P.S. Let’s make plans to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day big time next year.

    trish williams
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    We the over 70’s are quarantined, have to isolate ourselves,  easy for me as I have been housebound still christmas, just the shopping is a problem, the support I had has disappeared, as they can no longer visit me, and supermarkets delivery’s are booked for 3 weeks, I have manged to get a slot for the 4th, but there shelves for what I need are sold out.  The streets are empty outside and the schools shut down on Friday.  Its Mothers day here on Sunday, so many mothers will miss there visit from there children  Even the TV programme have ceased filming, so all our soaps are being stretched out over a longer period, twice a week instead of everyday to make the ones recorded last longer.

    Heard from my cousin in Spain today, everything is closed down except supermarkets and pharmacy’s, which like us is limited on supply’s, they to are in lockdown, thankfully my cousin still has his career as he has Huntingdon’s ,  the streets there are patrolled by guards and the police, and those found outside have to prove they have a good reason for doing so.

    Dorothy Donn
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    They announced the first case in Norfolk this morning and last week the first couple in Virginia Beach. The gentleman in Norfolk recently returned from overseas (Norfolk is a large Naval Base town) and the couple just returned from a river boat cruise on the Nile.  The outbreak to the north of me in Williamsburg is in nursing home with about 17 folks infected.  I am self isolating since I have age, (also 77) previous conditions of stroke, heart attack and breathing problems of asthma, bronchitis, and copd.

    I sent John to the stores to stock up on food and meds on March 2 when hardly anyone was thinking about what might happen here so we should be fine.  We also withdrew some cash from the bank just in case it does get really bad, but then again I am too used to hurricanes and know the break downs that can raise their ugly heads afterwards.

    Did I ever mention waking up to a tiger in my backyard after Hurricane Andrew?   We lived just under a mile from the Miami Zoo back then.  After that storm a lot of South Florida folks moved here to Virginia Beach. Same weather conditions here thanks to the Gulf Stream.

    May I wish you all well as we the world  keep pushing forward towards a better day.

    Annie Tobin
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    Hello my Scrapbook Campus Friends. Australia is very slowly succumbing to the virus as are most nations from what I hear. There are so many differing restriction laws bouncing around from nation to nation that it only serves to confuse most of us.

    New Zealanders responded very quickly and I applaud them. It is interesting that the over populated country of India was managing to contain the virus but it would appear on this morning’s news that their numbers are rapidly growing.

    Here in Australia we have been asked to restrict our excursions, limiting them to essential only, such as doctor, pharmacy and supermarkets. We have also been asked to maintain a 4 square meter distance between each other. Can you imagine how that rule would apply in India! The supermarket shelves are sadly empty of a lot of items … toilet paper, tissues, hand sanitizers and ground/minced meat. I am not sure why the meat is on that list but at times like these … go figure! Games, concerts and any public gatherings have been cancelled. Our Prime Minister was most ashamed of the panic buying and gave those Aussies responsible a well deserved slap on the wrist via a dressing down on national tv. Unfortunately, a lot of people become self absorbed during these times … hopefully I do not venture down that track.

    I am in self isolation for 2 weeks as I collected two friends from the airport on Thursday. They had arrived back to Hervey Bay from Sydney (an Australian hot zone) after disembarking off a cruise ship which has since been declared as COVID-19 impacted. We had a 2 hour trip from Hervey Bay to Bundaberg in the confined space of a car so I think it only fair that I keep myself away from the public. I will be 68 in June and I have copd so a little comprised there.

    It is a sad time for planet Earth and it’s inhabitants. I wish everyone the very best of health and may your inner peace over-ride any fears during these times. Please know that you are always in the perfect space for you!

    Hugs and Love …… Annie T

    Carla Roberson
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    Hello everyone, and yes I am effected here in  California we have been shelter in place for going on three weeks now and as this past Monday April 1st the governor has ordered, put in place that other the important jobs which we all know what that falls under that everybody stays home, schools are closed for the rest of the school year here . Myself have been  at home for four years now was working in the Medical field up to 4 years ago when my mom fell and broke her shoulder and she was 83 yrs old so my world changed I now stay at home and take care of her I am her caretaker so used to being at home .

    I enjoy playing /creating graphics , beading , and making cards you look at my front room where I create at and can tell I love to create stuff everywhere lol. Have played around with psp for about 5 yrs and have learned a lot more since  scrapbook campus .

    Looking for Tutorial on working with sections and making them ?



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