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    Hi everyone!

    This isn’t a showroom pic, but since this seems to be the most active forum, I thought I’d post this here.

    Cassel has a book called Tips & Tricks for PaintShop Pro that is great & so helpful! I’m only 50 pages into the book and look at all the tabs I have so far…haha.

    It’s full of shortcuts & other tips that I haven’t seen elsewhere, or are hard to find in the PSP user guide. Some of Cassel’s tutorials that I’ve done so far have these tips in there. But for me, it’s easier to have them all in a book instead of re-watching/re-reading a whole tutorial to find a particular tip. You all probably already know a lot of these tips, but I didn’t, so it’s been very helpful and I highly recommend the book.

    I bought this book from Amazon, but I’m sure Cassel has it for sale on her sites. I’m not positive though, so maybe she can post a link.

    P.S. I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned to Cassel that I bought this book, so she had no idea I was going to post about it. In other words, I’m not a sales rep for her or anything like that…haha. I just think others might find it helpful. I don’t think I’ve done a review on Amazon for this book yet, so I need to do that too.

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    Thank you so much Colleen. I am glad this book is helping you.

    And no, the book is not available on the site directly as I am using Amazon’s print on demand feature, so I don’t have to hold inventory and deal with all the shipping myself. I have a mention of the book on the site, in the Resources section, but it redirects to one’s Amazon store for their own country.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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