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    Lynn Young
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    I finally got a sandwich I like. Toasted white bread, ham, swiss, tomatoes, red onions, and lettuce. Does anyone want my pickles? I am not partial to dill.

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    Connie, looking forward to seeing that blooming star in a project. Did you grab the ingredients for your sandwich somewhere else?

    Jennifer, if it is somewhere close with lots of memories, you MIGHT end up with more than one page on that lake!

    Ann, that would be a neat trick. Not sure if my Windows 10 is set up differently but I don’t seem to have that option. No biggie. I just copy and paste into Google Translate. Just a couple of additional clicks. We can really see the change in the sandwich exercise. I hope some of our newcomers will see how we all started as beginners, and with practice, things are added over time.

    Mary, my setup for the Materials palette is using the Classic palette (which is similar to older versions). You can get it by going to File > Preferences > General Program Preference > Palettes and find the checkbox to check beside Use Classic Material Palette. And don’t worry if something is unclear. Just ask. We are here to help everyone get more comfortable with PSP and if you have a question, someone else is probably going to have the same one (but be too shy to ask) and wait for the same answer you are waiting for.

    Jacques, the pattern of your plate is quite interesting, and that breakfast would be too much for me. Want to share?

    Clarine, make sure your coffee does not spill now that it is on the tablecloth! And yes, reading the comments for one project can always help for someone else’s project. And if you look at other threads in the forum, most posters are explaining how they did their page or project. That is inspiring, and always a learning place.

    Cindy, that is a big meal you have made! The idea of golf balls is very creative. I would not have guessed if you had not said so. Maybe you will have to share that meal as it is quite big!

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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