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Bootcamp – January 2020

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    Thanks Diana.

    Jnet Allard
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    Je viens de finir de voir vos mises en page.  Tous, vous avez bien travaillé!  Félicitations!

    Merci pour vos mots sur les gagnants

    J’ai choisi 4 scripts de Cassel et je me suis amusée avec celui-ci –  Merci beaucoup Cassel, c’est tellement amusant à faire!



    Liese Strupp
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    Hi friends,

    Here please find my attempt at the 4th project.  I saved my work and could not find the layers to put in the drop shadows.  The only reason that the text and the owl have drop shadows is that I added them later and the layers were available on the layers palette to add the shadows.  Not sure what I did wrong, maybe because of the way I saved my work??  Anyway, here it is.  My son and his wife and the kids came for a visit and they were all sick.  They generously shared it with me, I am recovering nicely.

    Oops, no shadows on this version, and as you can see, the borders on the pictures are transparent, instead of opaque… that was another area of difficulty for me.  I am wondering if it is in the settings.

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Viewing 3 posts - 331 through 333 (of 333 total)
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