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      This website image features Banner Shapes A.  This is not a script but a font where the letters have been replaced by a set of shapes well-suited for banners – so you can just select the font and type with them.  I applied them to a slight vector curve as an exercise.  The banners on the top row tight and those on the lower row spaced apart.

      While applying a font to a vector shape is a great feature of PaintShop Pro, I cannot say I find it intuitive so tend to avoid it… it probably needs its own ribbon of controls to make it easier.  Anyway the Cass font ‘did what it said on the tin’  but when I came to put letters on the banner flags that did become a trial and needed some work letter by letter.  I am sure an expert would have an easier way.   The rope tube applied to the vector came in with the shading upside down so I had to do some work on that too!  I used Perspective to send the right hand side back a little into the distance.

      Other store items included in the image are ‘Brad Custom’ brads as pins for the rope and my logo was modified with ‘Imprint’ with a shallow #1 setting.  The chart came from a family tree program with PSP transparency used to emphasise the male line and then some Perspective distortion.

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