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    Carol Anne Wall
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    I have X6 installed.  Last night I was working on a scrapbook page, and forgot to save the end product.  (I was under attack by a bunch of hungry mosquitoes.) I Lost all my work.  I thought there was an autosave function, but I found out tonight I did not have that option turned on.  I have a number of .tmp files from what I thought were the autosaves that took place while I was working on the page.

    I am just out of luck?  Is there something I can be doing automatically to save my work?  Thanks for any advice!


    Carol Anne

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    Hi Carol Anne,

    I wish i had a way for you to retrieve those images. In the older versions of PSP, the auto-save was simple, but now they have an auto-preserve that will save your work everytime you change image that you work on.

    I don’t know how your PSP is set up, but do you have a folder where your images were that is called auto-preserve? If so, you might be able to retrieve them there.

    Other than that, here is the help documentation you can refer to:

    Hope it helps.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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