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Sheila Hogg
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I have had a bit of a problem getting the filters within EC 5 Impact to show up but a spark of brilliance occurred and I directed PSP X8 to go to where I had it installed, which was on the c drive but I didn’t just use the direction to just that but went down the picking line as to where it was on the C drive, picked that and now it works fine. Seems some plugins that are programs wont work just by putting them in your plugin file alone. Also, the Bubble and Balls plugin that is within PSP always seemed to crash and hang until I discovered after a week of gradually going bald that it wont work if you have anything apart from bmps in Corel 02 file. Everytime I have had to reinstall any version of PSP I immediately go to that file on the drive where it is installed and delete any jpgs or pspimages that seem to be there in 02. Of course if there is any jpg or pspimage there that you like you can always take them into PSP and resave them in bmp format. Sorry if this is as clear as muddy water.

Sheila x