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eileen deliot
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I did find that, I just thought it was the same version, but now I see a little 32 in the corner of the thumbnail. So I opened that one, and in fact that one is seeing one more plug in altough I have no Idea what it is, named KTP collection. Changed the preference to my plugin folder. And now it’s seeing Mura’s meister and some other filters, like filters unlimited. No Eye candy yet (only an old version 3.1 I have too) but normally I have to install Eye Candy 5. I did it for psp x2 so maybe I have to reinstall it for this one, will try that out.

I do see my own workspace there too. Some of the preferences I made in the 64 version are there, others not and I have to repoint them.

Is there any other difference between the 64 and 32 version? Or is it exactly the same?