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eileen deliot
  • 59
  • Junior

I just got psp X8, I was the lucky one that got it on the contest a few weeks ago, (thanks again Cassel, I am really very happy with it)

So I’m trying to get used to it and work in it. Got my workspace set up with my favorite tools. Did all the file locations to be sure to be able to have all brushes etc.

Now I’m trying to get my plug ins working, but X8 doesn’t see any of them.

I love MuRa’s Meister, but X8 doesn’t see it. it works great in X2 but I would like to know if it’s possible to get it work in pspX8 (64 bit), same thing for filters unlimited.

Is it possible to also intal Eye Candy 5? I already have it installed in X2, can I also instal it in X8 or will that give problems?

thanks for your help