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    I am back with a new problem.  I have a bunch of backgrounds and I am adding texture to them using some overlays I’ve been collecting over the years.  I know enough to work with them on being overlays or underlays  and changing from color to multiply to normal, lighten and darken, etc., but I cannot figure to how to keep the original colors I worked on so hard (see previous post with the color palette). The overlays change the colors so drastically, I don’t think you could say I am even using their palette any more!

    You can see the light colors above – those are particularly being ruined by me. 🙂

    I do not know if this is a Lab or a Q & A, but I need some severe help!  Do you think I should start making all my backgrounds super-bright and saturated so that when I add a gray overlay it brings down the tone of the color?