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Susan Ewart
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    I went to one In Edmonton (Alberta, CAN) this summer.  I loved it.  And it was kitten time!  There was a coffe shop on one side (very small) where you pay to go into the rooms with the cats and you get free drinks the whole time you are there.  I have two cats now (6 in total), but grew up with small dogs.  I am a big dog lover, I love to rough-house with them.  Actually I am an animal lover.  When my hubby and I moved out we worked long hours and had a long commute so we got a farm cat from the farm we worked at.  The only cat that we had from a kitten stage.  The rest were young adults from rescue centres.  We both worked at several horse breeding farms over the years, hubby was a stallion handler for breeder.  I worked mostly with mom’s and babes.   If I had to pick dog or cat, I think I’d be little more a cat person, they have such personalities (and judgy attitudes 😯), but they can be self sufficient too.

    Cindy, I love your cat-cafe, it’s pretty close to the one I was at.