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    LOL! Susan, that reminds me of a story of when I was in college and I joined an ad agency, thinking about graphic design. I went to a big school and mostly hippies in those days, so I envisioned doing suede coats with fringe hanging down and chamomile tea or patachouli candles or something.  My first account was Ace Hardware.  ROTFLMAO!  “Let’s see what you can do with this”, they said.  I think it was around this time of year, so snowblowers and stuff you throw down for icy sidewalks.

    BUT the reason I popped on here is the Spark pattern contest at Creative Fabrica!  It is soooo fun!  You tell it something like, “Little wildflowers and individual petals in various colors of every color blue, green pink, raspberry, coral, off-white, orange and yellow. hardly any blank space. facing all directions. watercolor illustration”  and it comes up with some ideas which are mostly not-very-good to terrible, but I’ve had a few really good ones, too.  I had just asked Carole for help with the seamless pattern script and this was right along those lines. I’m pretty sure that with the proper instructions to their AI computer I could get some really great patterns.  To make them seamless, they often do the blur-thing, so that’s not too great, but it’s sort of like pulling the handles on the slot machines in Vegas…just a lot of fun to see what comes up next!