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Corrie Kinkel
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    The Z is for “Zwembad” (swimming pool). Since a couple of years my village has a new indoor pool called “de Banakker”.  After a poll to choose a name the old name “de Banakker” was kept. I go swimming there every week in a course that originally was for people over 55 years and is now called “aquasports 50 fit”, but has more or less the same exercises and trainers. It is good fun and helps to keep fit and I’m looking forward to going there again as soon as I get the ok from my fysiotherapist. It is a social thing as well because afterwards we have a coffee with a couple of people. During this year when we were doing the alphabet I asked my group if I could take some photos when they were starting the lesson and they kindly agreed. In the changing rooms section there is a very nice mural of an underwater world with fish and turtels.

    I used a template and the colors of the photo to make a linoleum background which has a watery look and a plaid with the plaidmaker script.

    I have enjoyed making this alphabet and probably will make a front page for it and has it printed. After all it is a kind of time document about the place where I live.