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Sue Thomas
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    Wonderful pages as always Trish, well not only Trish, but everyone is ever so creative, and talented. Positively inspiring!

    It’s already Christmas  Eve in many parts of the world. I used a tag which I created and submitted for last year’s Christmas countdown, or I may have posted it in the FB files.  I haven’t created one these frames for ages, using  the triangle tool, and fonts.  Two masks. For the vertical borders I used a brush and brush variance palette. Sculpture.  Also used a brush, and brush variance palette for the snow effect behind the photo. Twisted Carole’s metallic rope tube around the frame.  My own word art.

    The European/British Robin (little robin red breast) is probably the most well know and most popular  Festive bird in the world.  Unlike the North American Robin, which is a member of the Thrush family, the European Robin is a member of the fly catcher family. They are  friendly little birds.  I photographed many of them while I was home, as they  are very common in gardens, extremely territorial, with a beautiful distinctive song, all year round.

    Our weather as I posted the other day, hasn’t changed.  I can tolerate arctic conditions, if it wasn’t for the wind, the wind is brutal. I have to go out to  feed and muck out the horses, out of the wind it’s 10c warmer in the stable, and  even warmer out of the wind and in the sun. At this time of year, horse dung is as hard as cricket balls, once I’ve used the ice  chipper to release them from the  concrete floor, they bounce and roll, until I shovel them up. Again I like to keep the stables clean and tidy, just like everything else. Last night’s weather image, this morning the thermometer read -51c.  I have adequate clothing from head to toe.