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Susan Ewart
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    My turn for giving thanks.

    To Sue, for all the wonderful goodies, being inspiring and teaching us about the natural world.

    To Carol; for being who you are and the community you have created.  What a marvel and what an inspiration.

    To All the Campus Campers; Wow!  Incredible talent, brilliant ideas and layouts and always there for each camper.  Amazing!

    Here’s my Christmas card front this year.  Not my favorite (it’s the shot I was trying to get in 2019 where I slipped on the dustpan and skated across the basement floor – partially tearing a hamstring on the way – confirm not until Jan. 2020).  The double framed one I sent to a photo printer and they cut off the top and right side of the frames, back to the design drawing board and the clock ticking away.  Was this going to be a New Years card after all?  I quick did the second one.  It’ ho-hum but it’s done.  We cant always bat it out of the park.  Photo lab printed it way dark, had grey snow, had to run with it anyway.  Have a happy wonderful creative fantabulistic Christmas.