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Sue Thomas
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    OK Trish, It would also appear that I completely missed this  November DIY challenge.  I scrolled back and found your comment.  In answer to your question, it’s simply because the stars are to faint to show up in moon shots.  With the settings used to take shots of the moon.  Planets on the other hand are much  bigger and closer, like Mars showing up in my latest moon pics.  Even then Mars was rather faint in all but one of them.

    To elaborate more, the brightness of the moon determines my shutter speed and  F stop, in order  to not overexpose the moon.  Hence using the setting I do, means that the stars don’t show up.

    To shoot stars as pin points I will need to use as wide an F stop as my camera will allow, in my case it is F2.8 , with  a very low shutter speed,  around 20, or less seconds, in manual mode.     For moon shots, I use F4.5, which is my camera’s sweet spot , aperture mode, and shutter speeds of 1,000-1,3000. Along with other settings.