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trish williams
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    Tee, yes it was -is, it’s one of my favorites, although I don’t think there is any Elvis record that isn’t, there something for every mood.

    Sue when you take those pictures of the moon,  I always wonder why there are never any stars or do you take them out, I love pictures of all the stars and am completely ignorant but is in nebulas, I collect pictures taken from the Hubble telescope and use them as backing papers.  My husband had a delivery to the space station in Cornwall, my son I lost was with him and they gave him a tour he was in ore.  Do you know the answer to this, once on holiday in a log cabin in the Smokies, one evening a large bright green ball flew across the tree tops , we were on a mountain, so it was across my vision, it has always puzzled me.

    Ann please you are please with the bauble, did you get the papers as well, like the way you changed the colour

    Cindy, did you get the snow, did it work.

    Merry Christmas everyone xxx