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Well, as I look at my scans, I can see that that master class in adjustment layers is going to come in handy. Some of the pages were written in pencil in World War II (!!!)–you can imagine how faded they are, and what a miracle the Levels have turned out to be to bring them into sharper relief.

It is definitely a one-by-one process at this point.

Well, most normal people could outsource this project but my brother has two issues…one is that he doesn’t own a computer, and the other is that he has the tiniest military retirement that you can imagine (cost is a big issue with him, even the most minimal). Since I will work for breakfast, I am cheaper than the alternatives (though, I have to say, he may be getting what he paid for).

The bad news is that there are four books (albeit small ones). The good news is that I have scanned the first book and am slowly slogging through the printing of it.

Thank you for your suggestions. Onward. 🙂