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cindy harris
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    Hello All,

    Well  Tried to do the lab 12-12  folded Christmas Tree and  last Few labs can never get there 🙁   I just try and try and try and well you get it.    I get stuck on the bottom I cant see how to get to image 1000  even though I am on a 2000×2000 size, it goes so fast for me.  I do it over an over till  well you see.    Ill try more just burned out on it like I burned myself out on the exploding cut outs   I never got half way 🙁    I try and try.  But all of You and our Teacher is the Biggest Blessings to me, since I found you.   When cov hit I had to stop going to see my Grandchildren it was just me and this last rescue dog alone but Carol helped me get thru that and the S hotline a couple times,  Thing is I know you always have to live another day to fight  lol.   I am a survivor lol so that’s all I know to do.    I will keep tryin  I just an so looking forward to Q&A tomorrow my question is the last in the line but its there that’s all that matters to me.   Hugs all   Iam trying.