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Susan Ewart
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    Thank you Sue for your settings.  Mine are similar.  I shoot in the middle aperatures (5.6, 8, 11, 16) as they are the sharpest on DSLR’s, and pretty much always on spot metering.  I do know the moon is lit by the sun so the sunny 16 rule applies, althought I deviate with the ISO to get a faster shutter speed as I am using a zoom lens that isnt image stabilized (and I can be lazy and not take out the tripod, especially if it’s cold).  Luckily I am shooting with a crop frame sensor so my 300 mm is more like 480 mm.  I remember way back when shooting the night sky, fireworks etc (using “bulb” setting), the saying was “F8 and be there”.  I am always interested in the settings people use, thank you for sharing.  I have never heard of Polar Ponzo.  Have you ever done any long exposures of stars.  I havent yet, I’m too close to the city I think.  I got a new camera that I havent even taken out of the box yet.  the body is image stabilized so I’m interested to see the difference in the moon shots with my really old zoom lens.