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    I’m struggling with two things. One is the seamless tile script. This is the one that asks you what size (in pixels) you want your tile to be. I struggle with this because I usually have the tile ready to go.  Two items in a little tile. So they would alternate in their pattern.  But then you want to start from scratch in the script.  So I look at my tile…do I want to use the size of it? Or do I add or subtract?  Well, I just never know the answer to the size.

    the other thing I struggle with is vectors. Always. And it’s hard to practice because I don’t understand how to get the pen tool to LET GO! It wants to keep going and I want to stop. 😭  the Christmas 7 video and pdf will help a lot with the mouse  right click on the pen tool. I just need to do it, maybe over and over and over until I get it, but meanwhile, getting that stupid pen tool to cease and desist would be mighty nice to make my practice sessions easier. This is probably not worth even one minute in the Q&A because I’m positive that everybody else knows this. Maybe you could say here? It’s not double click or right click. Er, I hope, because those don’t work.