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Susan Ewart
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    Marie-Claire, this too, is an ongoing always evolving issue for me.  I have a different way currently, but want to incorporate Rene’s idea for the finished work, with subfolders so I can find (for example) all the Bootcamp layouts or whatever else.  I like the idea of having the finished work all in one spot.  I like also having the workshop/bootcamp/etc files (that we download for the course) in another location.

    Here is my current system.  Under “Digital Scrapbooking” I have various folders, “02 Workshops, Finished etc” is where the finished layouts AND the course file.  second shot shows the subfolders in the Workshop folder.  This is great if I want to do the workshop again, I have all the downloads right there.  BUT, I also have my finished work there.  And it is not working for me.  I have to keep going through too much stuff.

    That’s where Rene’s system looks really enticing, to have just the finished/jpgs/600’s etc in a Main folder under (for me) the Digital Scrapbooking.  I would be so much easier to find just the finished work without all the other files to go through.  It’s a goal for 2023.  Also, to keep track of which fonts I used so I dont accidently delete a font and not be able to go back to that layout to tweak it.

    It’s a lot of work but I it’s going to make it easier once I do it.  Also, I know that you have to try a new system and live with for some time and decide if it’s working for you or not.  What parts are working, what isnt.  It’s always changing as I learn how I work.  I’m tired of feeling unorganized, because I cant find something.