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Sue Thomas
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    My interests stretch far  beyond Mother Nature on our beautiful blue planet, it extends to the  wonders of the night sky.

    December’s full moon is appropriately called in the Northern hemisphere  the Cold Moon.  This year’s full moon falls on the 8th December.  Last night’s star gazing gave me such joy, even with frigid, blowing snow  winds. The shots taken last night were taken 2hrs apart, you’ll see how the moon rotates. And yes, the moon does rotate. The moon is in it’s  waxing gibbous phase, with Jupiter clearly visible, the other 2 planets make their way across the sky this month too, which are also clearly visible with the naked eye, they are Mars and Saturn.  The constellation Orion is front and foremost in the southern sky, quite a spectacle sight it is too, with Sirius, the brightest star in our night sky is now visible, along with the reddish star Aldebaran, again all visible with the naked eye.  I could go on, but I think you get my passion for  the night sky.   I don’t have  a fancy high tech camera, but  it’s perfect for my needs, when using the right settings.  It doesn’t support zoom lenses, yet it takes adequate moon shots.

    I created the page last year, the photos were taken  last night at what many will call unsociable hours, well after mid night.  I never tire  taking moon shots.