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Sue Thomas
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    To the best of my knowledge I have 5 white tailed hares, that reside in and around the farm.   Now that we have snow I’m able to track them.  They all have  different sized feet, and  length of stride.  Now that they have turned white, they are more difficult to  find.  For those that don’t know they are nocturnal animals.  From dawn til dusk, they  blend in exceptionally well with their environment. Sitting out the day.  This one decided to spend the day not far from the stables.  It was a windy day, which meant that the blowing snow created a snowbank around the hare.  I took photos  every couple of hours, as the day went on, the wind died down allowing the sun to evaporate the snow that covered the hare, which kept  it warm throughout most of the day. Snow is a  wonderful insulator.  I always say that snow is Mother Nature’s duvet, when it  blankets the  landscape, during a harsh Canadian winter.  Just before dusk I went  to check on the hare, and it had gone, leaving behind a perfectly shaped snow mould of  itself.

    I used word art which I created  some time back, and  one of Carole’s snowflakes.  I used a scalloped  template which I also created.  The background paper is one of my snow photos.    Photos were taken on the 17th November of this year.