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    Wow!!! I am sorry I didn’t see this thread earlier. Yes, I was away for the weekend and most things were on auto-pilot (like the newsletter). I guess I am kind of late answering you but I am glad others were able to jump in. Let’s see if I can still answer some questions:

    Double-purchases in the store: typically, the system will let you know if you already purchased something EXCEPT if you put the product directly into your cart from your wishlist. But as it has happened before, I would gladly refund that double purchase if it happens.

    Yearly plan for DIAMOND membership: I didn’t set up anything of the sort, as the yearly plan is already $50 off the monthly plan. And if you want to upgrade, just go to the MyAccount page (the link on the top of any page), and you will have a button “Change my plan“. From there, you will be directed to the checkout where you will be able to choose the plan and the payment method.

    Issues with 2023: As you might have heard, a patch was applied to PSP2023 to fix some bugs but in the process, causes major issues with running scripts (mostly mine as they include more advanced coding than many others), and also with the Expand/Contract commands. Now, those “extra bugs” are fixed. So if you installed PSP2023 in the last couple of days or so, it should show version That is the corrected version. If you still have, then you need to uninstall your program and reinstall it. This will pull the correct file from the server and install it. The only exception is those who got a “hotfix”: it will fix the problem but not change the version number. Only a handful of users got that hotfix. You know who you are.