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Rene Marker
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    I do still love PSP so yeah, it is frustrating when these problems crop up. I would buy the new version back in the JASC days because there were new things added each year. If I remember right, I started with version 4, getting it on a monthly disk subscription I had at the time. But when Corel bought it, it changed. I used version 9 for a few years and only when I started digital scrapping in 2007 did I buy a Corel version, X2. Then X4, X7. I did buy X8 because there were enough new features to make it worth it. I still use X8 because of a script issue in 2021 (which was the next version I bought). And, now 2023.

    I just wish instead of going for more WOW each year, they would streamline what they already have or even add features that people ask for. The Corel forums have a wish list each year for the next version after a new release and some things show up on every single wish list. It is like they just ignore what the users want.