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Susan Ewart
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    Sorry Suzy, yes, the problems with the script are supposed to be fixed now.

    Julie, I sure understand the month fees.  Every thing seems to have subscriptions these days.  I like to pay once for the year.  As I am losing yet more hours at work I will need to review what to keep and what I can get rid of.  The campus is the most important one and i want to protect this one.  I did get the Ultimate package for 29.99 CAD (the same one Suzy describes above with the coupon and the extras.  The pop up came on windows, not from an email from Corel.  It was 65% off instead of the 60%.  But when I went to pay for it (expecting 34.99 + GST) the total was $31.49 and I realized I got another $5 off.