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    Yeah, you save 2 months – $50.00!

    Also, people should know there is a bunch of free stuff at Corel. It mostly started last week, but there is even more added, including stuff from Cassel. PLUS a big zip file of stuff at this web address.
    (It is not the usual address I use, which is this

    I have a feeling that it is not new, but it’s new to me.

    Rene, My LilyPad order had no duplicates this go around! Yay me!  (But my Digital Press order had a couple, so I’m par for the course.) I keep CU in a completely different place, and when designers don’t use the same naming system, I don’t notice. And of course they were 70% off, so I can’t go whining to them about my lousy 5 bucks on 4 kits, LOL!

    And finally, there is a little blending freebie at Katie Pertiet’s blog. It’s under November 17. It’s a third way to blend, you might say, blending for art, not to meld two photos together. She has little freebies four times a month…iTunes, Blending and 2 others, and they go back 6 months.  And she has an entire month of gratitude cards for Nov. which may or may not be your cup of tea.