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Jnet (#87115), was the ribbon irregular to start with or did you curve it yourself?

Michele (#87121), as a DIAMOND member, it will still be available in the Workshops section for you.

Ann (#87126), once in a while, some anti-virus or browsers throw such a warning. You all know that the Campus is safe, right?

Kasany (#87130), kind of a monochrome card. Unusual and unique.

Sue (#87137), I agree that adding a hint of grey and a texture makes a background more interesting.

Donna (#87139), you will be able to send this card to your guests if you ever have a get-together next year. Congratulations!

Ann (#87141), you are most welcome. That card really made me smile.

Anne (#87148), that gold lace is lovely!

Lynda (#87152), two cards in one. You will have a nice collection to pick from!

Corrie (#87157), although the envelope tutorial was for making a tangible paper envelope, it can also be used digitally too, like you did. Great idea to show that option.

Marie-Claire (#87155), this is a cute hummingbird that you found. I’ll have to check for more templates on that site too.

Lesley (#87168), for a quick answer, I often use “Lock transparency” if I need to color a shape and need the edges to be as smooth as they are initially. Using the Magic Wand to make the selection will give a pixellated edge (pretty ugly). As a new DIAMOND member, you might want to add that question for our next Q&A session, and I can give a demonstration. Check the DIAMOND only section of the forum.

Shirley (#87171), that is a lovely card. Take it easy and take care of yourself. We are all thinking of you.

Anita (#87172), that is such a fun montage. Today, at the mall, there was a little area with artwork and four paintings were cats and dogs in human attire. Your card made me think of those!

This workshop was a definite success! We had 47 active posters and a total of 171 different cards created and shared in this thread (maybe some worked on their cards and didn’t post them) for 19 occasions! This thread will stay open so if you are just catching up, you can still post your projects.

If you have not yet filled the survey, please do so on this link.