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Sue Thomas
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Day 7.  I  did two.  I took the photo of the grackle yesterday. I was away yesterday, having fun in the snow on a bird count.   Doing them this morning, and now posting them.

I’ve created a  snowflake frame using a brush, which I  will post  in the file section on facebook.  Perhaps, for those that are not on FB, Carole can  place  a link to it on here.  It’s a png file.

I used one of Carole’s crochet tubes to create the frame.  I’m not a big fan of a stark white background.  I do like the look and feel of vintage paper, so I used a small texture, and  a hint of grey.

Thank you Carole for this  superb workshop.  The templates are what I love, simple, and minimalistic, as so many of you will know, that I’m very much a  non  frilly, busy page creator.