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Anita (#87034), nice touch to showcase Mr Mooch on a card!

Susan (#87035), I am glad you gathered all those tips from the tutorials. When I plan them, I typically plan to show one or two tips, but it turns out that I use many other tools or commands that end up as tips for someone discovering them, even though they are “basic” to me. (#87065) Although it might be “uncomfortable” to work with nodes, one good thing about it is that you can move and adjust them over and over again without having to start over. It needs practice.

Sheila (#87040), I think that the interlacing technique is better and less work than using the Eraser tool, as I have seen in various tutorials! (#87087), I suspected that not everyone would need an envelope but I had seen the question before so I figured it could be useful to at least some.

Monique (#87041), great choice of photo! What type of card would it be? (#87060) The colors are so subtle and matching that bouquet! Great choice.

Kasany (#87045), do you know that if you use that font with a different color, you can “paint behind” the snow caps, just like I did for the cupcakes?

Jnet (#87043), that is a nice bow to add to the card! (#87070), in order to print correctly, you would have to place the text inside on the top left quadrant AND rotate it 180 degrees, otherwise, your text will be really hard to read for the recipient.

Corrie (#87054), thank you for your kind words. I love how the little ornaments on the back of the card make a perfect match to the front.

Suzy (#87056), what do you not like about the card? I find it lovely. What does the text mean?

Louyse (#87059), is that you in the photo?

Anne (#87064), that looks about like my car right now. Unfortunately, it is dark at this time so hopefully, I’ll get a chance to take a pic in the morning! We just got a “surprise” dump as it snowed all day!

Bill (#87066), are you having issues placing the guides precisely or is that something else that is problematic?

Trish (#87079), making envelopes is not as hard as it seems, but since it is the very first, everything is new. But at times, they can make something totally original when needed. As for 2023, please, use it and then, drop me an email with your “issues” 🙂 (#87090) Great use of the photo on a card.

Bonnie (#87083), give that envelope a try! That pickleball card is so cute! Where did you get such graphics? (#87084) Where else would someone find so many pickleball cards now?

James (#87085), great idea to have the school logo included. I am glad you enjoyed the workshop.

Linda (#87097), you can come back to those tutorials and do the other cards in the next week or so. They will be available until the end of the month (except for DIAMOND members).

Lois (#87088), that is a cute image you found!

Donna (#87102), that is a cute gnome! That is perfect when you don’t have a photo! It sure will put a smile on a recipient’s face.