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Suzy (#86965), the reason I was not using the Open as Layer script is simply that not everyone has it. I also often need to resize if an image is MUCH too large as the handles of the Pick tool are way out. You have quite a list of new tips you learned. Wow! that, in a simple 7-day workshop! (#87026) Are you referring to the oval in the template not being pixelated? Because I created it with a vector shape, which is not pixellated like a selection.

Shirley (#86967), those paw prints are nicely aligned correctly. Good work.

Susan (#86968), you can print that card and send it inside other cards you send to relatives! (#87019), the simplest way to get text to look like it is printed on the texture is to use Blend modes. Also, check the store newsletter tomorrow (hint, hint). (#87020), for printing, only what is inside the canvas will be considered.

James (#86970), great idea to add the photo. She is a cutie.

Monique (#86971), when you are unsure about shadows, play around. Sometimes, if you reduce the opacity, it makes the shadow more subtle and gives a different effect. We tend to adjust the offset, but the opacity can also be tweaked.

Sue (#86974), I was considering a whole class on tags for December, but it won’t be for this year. I have other projects in mind. Maybe next year? Or maybe not for the holidays at all? (#87001) How could we have guessed that you would do some wordart for the inside??

Sharla (#86976), great idea to have a card for that occasion. Although I provide seven themes for the cards in this workshop, I have not counted how many different themes we have had so far!

Ann (#86980), that ribbon turned out great! And congratulations!

Lyn (#86997), you tweaked the template with circles instead of squares behind the flowers. Amazing how a little tweak makes a card look so different.

Kasany (#87003), since your font is already quite ornate, have you considered lowering the opacity and increasing the blur of the shadow? It would make it easier to read, I think.

Sharon (#87004), that site is such a great resource, isn’t it? And you are definitely allowed to share a link to resources for others. A lot of participants love to know where they can get this element or that font. Just beware that sometimes, the system does not like links and if it has hiccups, the post will “disappear”. If that ever happens, drop me a message and I’ll pull it out of the “pending” folder.

Marie-Claire (#87006), using that tongue for a color is not something I would have thought of, and it is perfectly matching the whole photo too!

Lois (#87012), I am a little puzzled why the ribbon shows through/over your little baby. Is the clipart translucent? If so, you might want to erase the ribbon where the clipart is so it does not distract from the faces.

Sheila (#87014), great work in interlacing the lights with the frame. You used the interlacing technique, didn’t you?

Corrie (#87016), although all those cards CAN be printed, I am not expecting everyone to do so. It does make for interesting tutorials in case you need them later.

Nancy (#87017), I agree that those images are perfect for that card.

Louyse (#87022), that photo is cute!!!!

Trish (#87025), it is totally understandable that you have to hide her face to respect her privacy if she asked you to. But I am sure she will like the original without the blur. I am not sure where the image would go when you do Shift-Enter because in the keyboard map, there is nothing associated with that key combination.

Bonnie (#87028), even without a pickleball image, there is still a hint! You are probably going to be the one source for the most pickleball-related greeting cards!

Tomorrow will be the last tutorial. Are you ready?