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Susan Ewart
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Linda, #87023, what a great explanation for the bleed. I know wee bit (like a Barbie sized thimble amount-haha) about bleed, but not much experience with it.  I actually work at a newspaper web press (much different than offset press and the new fangled digital wonders they have now; would be cool to work in a place like that).  We have a stitching machine that does cut 3 sides and I see what the purpose of the bleed/registration marks etc are.  Especially because when the signatures come off the web press they have a lap which has to be cut off.  Isnt paper/bookbinding/cardmaking/printing really interesting.  Or is it just me.  Lucky you got to work that closely in the industry.  Would have been my dream job back then.  I was either working on horse breeding farms or in photofinishing back when I should have follow my love for paper.