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I’m sorry Trish, I don’t know where it goes. I *think* the clipboard empties when you restart and everything goes *pouf*.

Here is mine. I hate it.  I thought it looked like a for sale sign with that ribbon crossed at the top – and added the chains but didn’t bother centering them because the whole thing is awful.

What I learned — Note to self: Use a straight ribbon if you’re worried about it. That warp brush was horrible.

Question: why didn’t she smooth or feather that oval (photo) selection? And why isn’t it pixilated?

Promote selection to a layer. (Never did this before)

Using the Hue map (which I had never done before)

Warp brush to straighten ribbon (which I will leave to the experts)

Spacing and directions on 1/4 fold or 4-fold card with text inside. (which I shall remember)

Real Estate Announcement