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Susan Ewart
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Card 5.  Sticking with the “camera” theme.  A herculean effort this summer to sell all my silversmithing supplies and tools so I could purchase this camera and lens adapters (the lenses I want are as much as the body or more, like I say, it’s a pipe dream for those).  I’m calling that the “pregnancy” for the “birth” (purchase) of my new camera.

Sue, those tags are fabulous, I would never have thought to use them in that way.  I had a few of the punches but never really used them, except once this summer.  I am glad we used them in the workshop.  I also want them all.  Hoping for a Black Friday Sale! (hint hint).

Carole, I have a question.  I used the “blinds” texture on the white strip and ended up lowering the opacity because when I left it the way I liked it, the letters floated on the top and didnt sink into the blind contours.  It was a PNG transparent file that I did the 45 degree angle like in the last card.  Is there a way to make the word look like it was printed on the blinds texture.

I loved learning about the grouping.  That’s a big time saver.  Suzy, your post on what you’ve learned was so good to read.  So smart to jot things down right away.  I always think I’ll do it later then I dont and I scramble to find where the instructions for a technique is.