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Here ya go, here is mine. I cheated….I started keeping track of where this stuff is located. That way I can look it up in the future when I can’t remember the exact directions, LOL!

Card 1 – resizing using the top, bottom, left and right. I knew it was to be used how you used it, but I never saw the potential until Card 1.  The exact instructions instead of me floundering around helped, too.

Reminder, the right-click paint can dropper.
Reminder, duplicating the font and turning the bottom one into a raster with shadow.

What I didn’t understand: why don’t you use “open as copy” script for all these instead of opening and closing so many?

Card 2 –  the 25 px stripe  x 4 from the little 100 px square box.

Card 3 – the amazing Diamond pattern. That is my favorite!
I also liked how the border was interrupted by the flower line…and the flower line went outside the border. I had never thought of that before.
Plus, I love that font, especially the letter W, and now I have it! (Thanks to Trish and Sharon)

Card 4 –  I didn’t know the corner cutters went on the edge/to the edge of the paper and the corner cutter brushes went just inside the corner. (And I know those words aren’t right, but hopefully people know what I mean.)

Card 5 – the BIGGIE is that I finally understand why you are so enamored with Groups with the stork. All this time I’ve been using the link layers command,  but I can see now that what I really needed was Groups. (I always figured out of sight out of mind, and I’d forget, but I don’t forget.) I also like how the stork is just a wee bit out of the circle.

Now, what I learned from the other posters is just as long a list, I might add. People do a little name dropping on places where they acquired images or filters, or whatever, so I picked up some really good stuff and new ideas. So a big shout out to the other classmates who had such amazing ideas for cards.

This is an excellent class!  We need those little Christmas package To:   From:              .                                                         cards…do those have a name?  You could print maybe 9 or 12 large ones on a single sheet of paper and save a bunch of money! (That’s what my White Elephant cards were…they go on a package designated for no one in particular in a white elephant gift exchange.  It occurred to me after I posted it and looked at it with all the other cards that people from other countries might not know what it was.)