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Sue Thomas
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Day 5.  Twice now I haven’t followed the template.   This is  a 5×7  card.   I modified the  inside of  my granddaughter’s  half fold card.  Both of them  are into dinos, and not just dino cartoons.  While I was home, I bought them a book on dinos.  By the time  I had left, they could pronounce  and  identify 6  different species of dino.    More than what their parents can do.  Lol

Thank you Suzy.    There are several masterclasses, and in the creative scrap, on text.  There’s word art, subway art, create a word tree, and many, many more.  For inspiration, scroll through the campus, viewing the previews,  perhaps something will grab your attention for the project you are working on.  Just a thought.