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Bill (#86733), nice touch to add to the back! The Flood Fill tool needs to be set to None for the mode in order to give the same result. Check this article. (#86828), yes, who says one’s Valentine has to be a person!!??

Sharla (#86767), following the tutorial is fine. I am sure you will change things in the future since you can re-use that template for more cards.

Kasany (#86769), interesting how you used only two elements in the boxes but their rotation gives a totally new look.

Ann (#86770), that is so creative. I am sure he will smile at that card more than a “regular” birthday card!

Sheila (#86773), such a simple but cute card. I see you changed the border to rounded corners. Great customization.

Donna (#86781), Creative Fabrica is definitely a great source of graphics of all kinds! (#86815) So nice to see those punches used here.

James (#86782), I agree with you that all those cards are so creative and different. Maybe we should open a store!

Gerry (#86791), it is great to see different techniques used. I teach a lot of them, and there are even more opportunities to use those tips in a wide range of projects. I love your out-of-bound idea. So creative!

Trish (#86802), that is quite an elaborate card. Very elegant.

Anne (#86808), you can always come back to that previous card later on. Inspiration might strike back.

Lynda (#86817), those gradients on the icing of the cupcakes make it looks interestingly different! Good choice.

Jnet (#86823), beautiful interpretation of the templates. If you have other posts that “vanish”, drop me a message as it is probably just stuck in the spam filter. I can then pull it out for you.

Corrie (#86836), such great detail with those stars.

Lois (#86839), good use of scrapbook kit elements.

Nancy (#86842), with those templates, you can definitely create a variety of cards for every occasion with the same templates.

Mary (#86844), such a fun use of that “ordinary” template.

Louyse (#86846), that card really made me smile! 🙂

Bonnie (#86848), what a great idea to make a tree out of pickleballs!

Lesley (#86849), if you are looking for graphics, you might have noticed that a lot of participants get some at Creative Fabrica. They have daily freebies and often have bundles of all kinds. Check this page for free stuff.